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SAK Shangaan Cultural Village Tour

Shangaan Cultural Village


With Freddy Mhlongo

Born in Dixie, Freddy has been the local Sangoma (traditional healer) of the village for 12 years.  He began the cultural village and craft market to share the traditional heritage and crafts in the area. Being an active member of the tribal authority governing the village, he likes to share positive and enlightening stories of the village and its neighboring wildlife.


Join Freddy a walking tour through Dixie village, the last remote village before entering the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Mpumalanga. Beginning at his cultural village, you’ll take a gentle stroll through down sandy lanes and become aware of the peaceful and calm way of life. You will meet the village Nduna and learn about traditional village governance. A visit at the crèche or primary school will share some insight into basic education of youth in the area. After a quick stop at a villager’s home, you will be welcomed by the dancing group for a traditional performance. Freddy will expose you briefly to the Sangoma tradition and how tossed bones can tell your fortune. Under the shade of a tree, your taste buds will be delightfully inspired by a traditional home cooked meal. Spend the last few minutes shopping for cultural crafts for sale by the master craftsmen of the village.

PRICE Starts at $130.00