Overnight stay in locally owned wildlife lodge




Near R527 bridge over Blyde River
Hoedspruit, ZA




With Mabane family

Mr. and Ms. Mabanne and their extended family started Reteno Safaris in 2008, and have been offering game drives in the Kruger area through P1t since 2014.  In 2016, their village regained access to ancestral land that had been taken by a wildlife lodge company.  Thanks to their experience in the tourism industry, they decided to take on the restoration and management of the game lodge built in that land, and revive the wildlife population in the range land.


The Mabane family are currently making improvements in the lodge and will soon be offering overnight stays and game drives in the property.  They are excited with the opportunity and responsibility to share their genuine culture with visitors, and they are committed to making this lodge a gateway not only to local wildlife but also to the local community. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates.

PRICE Starts at $40.00