Overnight homestay in Welverdiend village




Unnamed Road
Welverdiend, Mpumalanga
South Africa




With Clifford Mathebula and Welverdiend Tours

Clifford Mathebula was born and raised in Welverdiend, excelled in school and left to Nelspruit to get a college education. We was always devoted to helping his community, so after earning a degree in Tourism in Nelspruit, he decided to return home to teach and administer the local school. Clifford recently started Welverdiend Tours after joining fellow youth leaders in workshops and courses to think of ways to help their community earn a share of the tourism profits. Welverdiend is located just outside Orpen Gate of Kruger National Park, and although tourists are often curious about life in this community, they seldom are able to stop by and interact with locals. Clifford is participating in P1T to help introduce interested visitors to life and people in his region. He will take visitors around the village introducing them to friends and relatives, and will even help visitors get overnight homestay experiences in his relatives’ homes.


Clifford will be pleased to arrange homestays with his family and friends for visitors interested in experiencing the simplicity and wonder of real life in his community. He will meet visitors in the entrance of the Mtembeni Primary School where he works and escort them to a relative’s traditional home. The package applies to pairs of people staying in one traditional home; it includes a traditional family dinner and a simple breakfast. The food items will include plants and nuts gathered from the bush and prepared in delicious traditional ways. Visitors with reservations should meet Clifford between 3pm and 5pm in the school gate.

PRICE Starts at $100.00