Overnight Cultural Stay in Timbavati Village




Unnamed Road
Acornhoek, Mpumalanga
South Africa




With Edith Ngobeni

Edith is offering accommodations in Timbavati Village. Her accommodations are in quaint round bungalows.  Full service of food and lodging is offered. Come stay in one of these beautiful bungalows and experience the kindness and genuineness of family life in Edith’s village.


Visitors can arrive to Edith’s house around 5:30pm to get settled in one of the round bungalows her family built next to her house.  After setting in their accommodations, visitors are invited to join the family for dinner around 7:30pm.  After dinner guests can join Edith’s family in conversation, or retire to the yard or the bungalow to listen to the sounds of the community and to rest.  A simple traditional breakfast is served at 7:30.  Edith and her sister are then available to walk with guests to the bustling town nearby. In the town, guests will learn about culture and daily life, and will be able to stop for a traditional snack or lunch.

PRICE Starts at $50.00