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With Rosei Makhubela

Rosie Makhubela was born in Johannesburg and moved to Thulamahashe in 1983. She has a warm smile and contagious laugh and many stories to tell. Vukuzenzele (“Get up and do it yourself”) was started by Rosie and five other traditional healers in 1999. They saw that the plants they use to heal people were being lost to firewood and development. The co-op was started with the intention of growing indigenous plants for sale for healing processes. The nursery has also become a place of learning, with schools and visitors coming to learn about indigenous plants. When Rosie and her partners first moved there, her and her friends would carry all the water for the trees on the plot from the nearby river. The 4,5 Ha nursery has grown and is a 10-member co-operative, the trees are old and strong and an irrigation system has been installed.  Rosie is a trained traditional healer and uses the plants and trees that she grows to heal her community members. She also makes atcha (pickled Marula), has beehives from which she gets honey, and soap products from aloe.


Meet Rosie at the Vukuzenzele nursery and medicine garden in Thulamahashe. Learn more about the history and need for places such as Vukuzenzele in South Africa. Walk around the land and learn about the healing properties of indigenous plants in South Africa.

Rosei is available Wednesdays and Fridays.

This is a two-hour tour. Bring your own snacks and water.

PRICE Starts at $10.00