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With Jujeck Khosa

Jujeck Khosa, born and bred in Huntington village, has 29 years of experience as a ranger and amaShangana story-teller. He started a cultural village and craft market with the intention of giving his community a space to pass on indigenous knowledge, skills and crafts. 15 members are now part of the co-operative, and run the restaurant, shop and dance groups at the road split between the Sabi Sand Shaw's Gate and the main road to Huntington Village, close to Paul Kruger Gate of the Kruger National Park.


Join Jujeck for a tour of Huntington village, a traditionally Tsonga village. From the Ekhoseni Huntington Cultural Center you will be driven in an open vehicle to the village, as Jujeck talks you through the history, indigenous botany and cultural traditions of this village. You will also meet the local Nduna, a wiseman who through translation will share age old stories of the region. The local crèche and performing children, will give you a glimpse of rural education. A brief stop at a home will share a rural yet modern lifestyle, with an eclectic mix of animal raising, mud huts and satellite TV. The tour will round off with a traditional lunch, where you will be entertained with a traditional song and dance performance.

This is a 3-hour tour with lunch included. Bring a hat and sunscreen.

PRICE Starts at $130.00