Cultural tour of Utah Village

Hluvukani Police Station


With Bhili Sibuyi

Bhili Sibuyi has wealth of knowledge and understanding of the lowveld that only comes from growing up in this treasured part of South Africa. He was born in the Sabi Sand and raised in Utah village.  Bhili can share stories of how his grandparents used to subsist of wild animals, living in the heart of the Sabi Sand. He is an experienced tracker and has been a guide since 1992 in the local reserves. In 2009 he started a family run business to uplift his community by exposing foreigners to a culture that is uniquely their own.


This is a guided village walk through Utah village where you will be able to get an insider’s perspective on real life in a rural village in Mpumalanga. Bhilli will walk with you through the village and narrate the rich history of his home. You will then be taken to visit the local créche to be introduced to a sight of rural education. Afterwards, you will be treated to traditional dancing by the Bheka Cultural Renaissance group. A quick stop at Rose’s home will delight your imagination as traditional jewelry, made by herself and two colleagues, will be available for you to peruse. You will end the tour with a visit to the village wise man, who will share great stories of a time long passed. It is at his address, that a delicious, hearty traditional meal will be served after a long but gentle stroll.

The tour takes 3 hours and includes lunch. It is recommended that you pack some water, a hat and sunscreen. The tour is available daily starting at 10am.

PRICE Starts at $130.00