Rhubarb, at the heart of Asheville, is a comfortable place for friends, families and strangers to simply lean in and enjoy the company. A place where food and drink is at its uncomplicated best. The celebration of the power of food and drink and table. The menu is inspired by seasonal, local ingredients and pays homage to the bounty of regional and American cooking.

Executive chef and owner John Fleer says Rhubarb is fortunate to be nestled in the heart of a thriving agricultural community where there is an abundance of resources for quality local foods. It is his philosophy to use local fresh ingredients whenever possible and the farmers and producers of Western North Carolina make that possible.

If you love the food at the Rhubarb, and are an advocate for local fresh foods, John and his team invite you to book one of the experiences below so you too can better understand how he collaborates with select local farmers to create healthy and delicious food for the community.