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2 1/2 DAYS













This Journey to the heart of North Carolina’s  local food culture consists of 2 1/2 days of incredible experiences with a brother/sisterhood of local celebrated chefs and the small farmers they trust. These chefs will share with you the delectable ways in which they prepare fresh ingredients from nearby farms, and then you will have hands-on experiences with the farmers that dedicate their lives to grow fresh and delicious ingredients for those chefs.

The journey begins with a Friday dinner at Centro Restaurant where Chef Angela Salamanca will delight you with her signature Mexican- inspired cooking including fresh ingredients from local farms like Old Milburnie farm.

Saturday will be filled with a hands-on experience at the Well Fed Garden where you will explore a few farming tricks with owner Anya Gordon and local volunteer Billy Smith.  Anya and Billy will then walk with you around the garden to pick fresh ripe produce to add to your lunch at the garden.  In the afternoon we’ll direct you to Chickadee Farm, where Jennifer will give you a tour of her farm, and show you how she prepares fresh micro-greens for the Irregardless Cafe kitchen.

Saturday dinner will be at Irregardless Cafe, as special guests of Chef Arthur Gordon.  In this meal, you will sample a variety of his signature dishes that include ingredients sourced from the Well Fed Garden and Chickadee Farm.

On Sunday morning you will meet Daniel Dayton from Old Milburnie farm to experience first hand the passion and meticulous detail he invests in growing the fresh vegetables and small stock he supplies to select Raleigh restaurants.  
Your journey will end with a brunch at Stanbury, in time to make it back home or to continue your exploration of Raleigh.



These chefs and farmers will welcome you to the realities of their daily lives by involving you in experiences such as :

  • Engaging in a friendly conversation with a celebrated chef while enjoying a delectable meal at her restaurant

  • Doing light farming work with the farmer that supplied the produce for your dinner

  • Enjoying a picnic in an urban garden while learning farming and cooking tips from local celebrated chef

  • Chatting with a local foods champion while walking to restaurant from your hotel

Your hosts will include :

  • Small farmers who devote their lives to producing fresh and organic produce and meat for their community and for select chefs

  • Celebrated farm-to-table chefs committed to supporting local small farmers and to bring the best flavors and textures from fresh local ingredients




P1t Journeys are customized experiences for discerning travelers interested in expanding their lives through immersions in genuine communities eager to share their culture and lives with appreciative guests. We work with trusted communities to provide intimate, multi-day experiences that involve travelers in the often unseen worlds of real people in real places.

Interacting with unfamiliar people and exotic cultures can be enlightening and transformative; it can help us grow as human beings. To make such experiences accessible to discerning travelers, we use local community ambassadors that tactfully help our travelers navigate the culture of their hosts, and help the travelers convert the fun and exciting experiences into meaningful life lessons.

Our travelers have unique access to locals vetted by public and nonprofit organizations and that have developed experiences in consultation with P1t. We work with local people who are passionate about their culture and their community and who are eager to earn some income from interacting with visitors. As a result, visiting a community through one of our P1t Journeys creates local economic development opportunities and helps elevate local cultures and identities.