Nightbell Restaurant and Lounge

Nightbell is an American small-plate restaurant with a focus on local Appalachian ingredients with a craft cocktail bar. Chef Katie Button’s menu is a blend of comfort food and inventive twists on the classics and her serious commitment to local farmers and sustainable products is evident.

The leadership and staff often visit the fields of area farms that provide produce to the restaurant. From these farmers they learn about the crops being grown (as well as the challenges growing them), and if the time is right, they help bring in the harvest. From spring greens like dandelion, wood nettle, to delicate fiddleheads and wild mushrooms such as morels, sulfur shelf (also known as chicken of the wood) and lobster mushrooms, there is plenty to find.

If you love the food at the Nightbell, and are an advocate for local fresh foods, Katie and her team invite you to book one of the experiences below so you too can better understand how she collaborates with select local farmers to create healthy and delicious food for the community.