Why We Need Guides in 2019

There’s a growing need in tourism today that no one was expecting. According to recent ABTA, studies, 45% of travelers feel it’s important to have expert advice. This trend might come a little counter - intuitive in an age where we have the “world’s knowledge at our fingertips,” but it looks like we’ve come full circle. Having access to such a mass of (often contradictory) tips, guides, facts, and figures can leave a traveller as lost as she would be if she was dropped at her destination with no information. We’re finding that once again all we want is someone who knows the lay of the land, someone we can trust and has the right information. In other words, we need guides. 

A guide can mean a range of things. A travel agent can be a guide in planning parts of your trip for you, or a travel guide in the form of a book can provide facts about the historical landmarks of the area and might even offer an awkwardly stitched together description of the local culture. Most people nowadays primarily rely on the resources we can find on the internet as a guide when visiting a foreign place. Some frequent flyers find that to them the ideal guide is a friend, and ideally, that friend is a local to the area, doesn’t follow a script that was written by someone they’ve never met. Most importantly, they figure the best guide is a person they trust. Not everyone prefers face-to-face interactions with local experts to get the lay of the land, but to those adventurers who believe in the power of real human connection, People-first Tourism is right there with you. 

Luis Morais

Luis Morais

The multi day trips that our partners in Portugal plan for their guests make planning the perfect week in the area of Chaves look so easy because as locals, it kind of is easy. You’ll get lost in talk about food, taking generous samples along the way on if you go on a walk with Luis Morais. He’s the Bo Jackson of food - farmer and chef. Luis doesn’t get lost, though. Before you know it you’ll find yourself strolling through the historic town of Chaves with fresh tapas in hand, once again taking generous samples along the way, but with wine this time. If all that sounds too good to be true or just too good, check out our Journey with the Transmontanos for yourself. 

Everyone relies on a guide of some sort, whether they call it a guide or not. As for the host partners that we rely on as our guides, we are grateful to have real people that we know and trust.

Tobin Bates