What is Vacationer Supported Agriculture?

Start Off Summer Fresh

It’s officially summertime! If you live in North Carolina like us at People-First headquarters, you might not have needed the reminder. The explosion of summer sun we’ve been getting brings back all the memories from other hot days like freezer pops at pool parties, card games at summer camp, and backyard bonfires after the sun goes down. Some of my very favorite summer memories were made right when my family would arrive at our destination for a trip. Usually, this was after hours of driving followed by the final push to carry in everything. After that for a few minutes we all find ourselves sprawled in our own comfy spots, not saying a word, satisfied. The feeling of accomplishment combined with the fact that you know you’re at the start of a stress-free week makes an untouchable “high-on-life” moment. Every time though, your little moment suddenly vanishes when you realize the whole family is starving and there’s nothing in the house to eat.  

Vacationer Supported Agriculture

That’s why we want families to arrive with a big box of fresh produce right in the kitchen. It’s not just any old box of fresh produce either - it’s straight from a local farm! It gets delivered to your vacation rental through a system we support, called Vacationer Supported Agriculture.  Known as VSA for short, this project is aimed at bridging the divide between rural and urban areas by promoting equitable development through conscientious tourism and sustainable agriculture practices.

Vacationers can now preorder bags of locally-grown produce online to be ready for pickup upon their arrival at the destination. This partnership with People-First Tourism, NC State Extension, and Grower Groups also offers professional development opportunities for aspiring youth to aggregate and deliver the bags.

Tobin Bates