Welcome to Our First Blog Post!

Welcome to P1t Blog!

Thank you for joining us on this journey with People-First Tourism and our vision:

We seek a world where travelers develop deep connections with their hosts, are transformed by the genuine local cultures they experience, and improve the lives of the people they visit.


What is People-First Tourism (P1t)?

Let’s first discuss your personal definition of a destination. Is it a tropical island? The mountains? Is luxury involved? There are many different perspectives and ideas of one’s ideal destination. For us, an ideal destination is one that fulfills the desires of the travelers, AND also positively impacts the local community. We like to step out of our comfort zone to have unique authentic experiences in connection with locals eager to share their community and culture with visitors. What’s important to you when traveling to a destination?

At P1t, we offer many authentic experiences that benefit the local people and small businesses! And where the money from tourism stays with the local communities. We have day-trips that often focus on our very own NC Agriculture where families pick fresh produce, play, talk about life and experience, and enjoy a meal! For longer stays, we recommend our Journeys which are worldwide. They can be customized to any destination to focus on communities that are less congested yet still have incredible culture to experience and a mission to support.


Support local! Check out our day-trips that directly supports local entrepreneurs and farmers in North Carolina. Check out the video below to find out more about our projects like Fork to Farmer.

Spread the word! It helps us to find fellow responsible tourists and find an avenue that benefits everyone. We also love feedback! If there’s anything you want offered or have a recommendation regarding, click here and keep in touch!

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