With Farmer Mary

Mary Droessler, once a city dweller, decided to change her life about ten years ago and moved in a ten acres farm just outside Raleigh with her two sons, later adopting two children from Russia. Since then “Farmer Mary” has received and provided care and a home for many unwanted pets you might help support by visiting Winterpast Farm. The animals include a llama, mini donkeys, pigs, ducks, peacocks, goats, sheep, emu and chickens. Her devotion to the animals in the farm is evident in the way she keeps track of all their names and knows all the funny and sometimes touching stories involving each one of them. Please access for more information and lots of pictures.


During one hour Farmer Mary will tell you everything you want to know about her farm. In the tour you’ll be introduced the animals, will get to know their names and stories, what they like and dislike. You can even feed them with your own treats or, in case you forgot, buy some from Mary. In case you want to live a full experience, you can help her with cleaning and maintaining the pens, bathing the animals or anything needed at the time. All adopted children can visit the farm for free. 

PRICE Starts at $15.00