Sustainable Livestock Farm Experience


7125 Old Stage Rd, Raleigh, NC 27603


With Dan Moore, and his family

Dan Moore was born in 1972 and moved to the family farm when he was 7. After college he returned to live on the farm and to work in the family business. In 2015, Dan sold the family business allowing him to farm full time. Dan's son, Spork (his nickname) is now 12 years old and is committed to helping the family around the farm. He works six days per week on the farm, five before his home school schedule starts and on Saturdays he gives tours, especially connecting with fellow young visitors and sharing what is like to grow-up in a working farm.  Dan's daughters work regularly in the farm store, where they diligently supply visitors with select cuts of meat from the farm and an array of delicious value added products from a network of small neighboring farms that the Moore family know and trust.


Dan and Spork will take visitors through their 84 acre farm, showing and explaining all that goes into raising healthy livestock. Visitors will see grass fed, grass finished cattle, pigs living in the woods, and chickens that are truly free range. They will also see, weather permitting, honey bees in the apiary. The farm does not use commercial feed, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, etc. They are what Dan calls "a hippie farm" which is short hand for a non-certified organic farm. Dan also feeds their livestock with of produce collected from the farmers market and groceries - a practice that has kept countless tons of organic waste from going to the local landfill. Groups under 6 people will be driven around for their tour. Between 6-20 will be a walking tour. Visitors should plan to wear appropriate dress and shoes for the current weather and to be in a working farm. Tours take approximately 1.5 hours, including time to visit the on farm store where products from the farm, and 11 other local family farms are available.

PRICE Starts at $50 for up to 5 people. Additional per-person fees charged with a maximum recommended group size of 20.