With Pamela Derensis

Pamela retired from the federal government and moved back to NC in 2012 to promote and support her Southeastern American Indian culture, and to work toward living a sustainable lifestyle on her own property. Since working with the U.S. Department of Energy, and visiting several solar and wind turbine projects across the country, Pamela has dreamed of having her own solar and wind powered electricity. Her dream has come to life in the building of a solar and wind powered grain bin cabin on her property just last year!


Learn how to live a sustainable life off the electric grid. Visit and learn from Pamela about how this project came to fruition, and how she is harnessing the sun and wind to power this grain bin silo. The dwelling has a large round workshop and composting bathroom on the lower level, and a loft/storage space on the second level. See her use of local milled cypress for walls and the amazing pine log staircase. Pamela will walk visitors around the grain bin silo during approximately 1.5 hrs, pointing out interesting features, solutions and thought processes she used to bring this project and structure to life!

PRICE Starts at $50.00