With Benny and Karona Glenn

Mr. Benny Glenn has been educating people on the “art” of farming and growing vegetables as long as he can remember. While growing up his family grew primarily tobacco, Benny still applies the lessons and techniques that he learned from his grandfather growing up. Now, Mr. Glenn is well-known in his community for having fresh, healthy vegetables that he is cultivating sustainably and he is always pleased to share techniques with those who would like to learn. Benny and Karona both especially express the need for children to spend a day on the farm and learn where their food comes from. They are also a member of the NC Small Family Farms Coop and sell their vegetables at the local farmer’s market as well as in some local grocery stores.


This is the perfect opportunity for both adults and children to really see where their food comes from, and have a chance to taste vegetables fresh out of the ground. Benny and Karona are always learning new techniques and knowledge to use on the land to make sure they are cultivating their land sustainably, without the use of pesticides and chemicals. A short list of vegetables they have include green peas, sweet potatoes, watermelon, squash, peppers, cabbage, grape vines, pecans, apples, and more! There are also a few chickens that they have to receive fresh eggs, and 2 very nice, gentle dogs.

PRICE Starts at $35.00