With Sue Stovall

Sue Stovall and her late husband Hunter are accidental farmers. The inclination to get goats came after drinking (too much) wine with the neighbors. Cheese making followed suit with a shrug and and ,.. lets give it a try. 11 years later, Sue is managing the farm as they milk 28 goats twice a day, produce cheese 6-7 days a week and attend 5 markets a week. This year they have additionally added more events on the farm including a few spring yoga classes.

The goats and their kids are raised together until weaning, a rarity for the dairy industry. Happy moms and kids allow them to produce happy milk, albeit a little less than a traditional dairy.

A new cheese cave opened in Summer 2018 allows for an expansion of their aged cheese and and outlet for their creativity and humor.


Over 60-90  minute tour Sue will take you into the Milking Parlor, Milk House and peek into the Cheese Room (depending on the production schedule). She will tell you what a typical day is like from the milking and cheese making sides. A tour of the farm will include meeting the milking does and a chance to try hand milking.   After a step into a foot bath you will be able to go into the paddock with the babies and get all the cuddles you need.  Babies are born typically in Feb and March so depending on your time of visit you may see small kids or more active ones that want to climb on your back and untie your shoes. Of course, you may watch from the fence line of you prefer.

Lastly you will be treated to a cheese sampling including our fresh Cheese Louise, Aged Hickory Creek and goat milk fudge.

Dress for a farm, closed toe shoes, no flip flops, no heels. Bring a cooler, Cheese and fudge will be available for sale.