Overnight camping and campfire story-telling about Lumber River and People

600 Kingsdale Boulevard
Lumberton, North Carolina 28358

With Mac Legerton

Mac Legerton has lived in Robeson county for 40 years. He deeply enjoys the county’s multicultural and multiracial character, and he appreciates the spirituality of nature. Mac is a local champion for the protection of the Lumber River, a wild and scenic river, and he has brought significant awareness to the role of this river in supporting local livelihoods and in providing clean water to neighboring communities. Mac wants to share the Lumber River with visitors with the objective to provide a natural experience and raise awareness for the river’s critical environmental and cultural importance.


This experience includes camping by the Lumber River in River Way Outdoor Adventure and Education Center, a local community non-profit, and a conversation with Mac around a campfire.  Mac will share stories and legends, play folk music, and answer questions in an informal and unscripted way. Groups are also encouraged to bring food to cook over the fire, either for a meal or dessert, such as “S’mores”. Groups are welcome to arrive after 4pm and must leave the next day by noon.  If interested, we can arrange for canoe rentals and shuttle services on sections of the Lumber River.

PRICE Starts at $50.00