With Ryan Olufs

Ryan owns and runs Misty Morning Ranch, a small family run farm committed to helping the world...with ostriches. He and his wife, Gaby, moved from Los Angeles to North Carolina in 2015, without any intention of farming.  In reality, everything happened backwards. They first bought the land, and only then did they decide what to do with it.  After running the gambit of everything agricultural, fiber, dairy, and produce, they came across ostrich and became intrigued with its uniqueness. They immediately connected with it, as it seemed to be both sustainable and healthy - two of their major concerns. The more they looked into it, the more they liked it.  Two years into the venture and they love it more everyday. And they never stop improving.  Whether it is learning how to use more of the animal in value-added products, more humane and stress free handling of the birds, or learning how to rotate the animals, they are always looking for how they can make their farming methods better. Their ultimate goal is to make ostrich more widely available so that as many people as possible can benefit from it.


Ryan will start the 90 minute tour by talking about the sustainable aspects of ostrich farming, what makes them a sustainable alternative to traditional livestock. He will illustrate the goals they have at Misty Morning Ranch for increasing sustainability, talking about what steps will have to be taken and what the challenges are.  Ryan will then give an overview and a live demonstration of ostrich training.  Ryan will then talk about the unique characters of ostriches. Facts about the birds themselves, how their social structure works, and what life is like for them in the wild. The visitors will then be allowed to have a meeting with Bella, one of the female ostriches at Misty Morning Ranch.  Feeding her apples and getting a very up close experience with her. Visitors should wear closed toes shoes, and clothing appropriate for the weather.

PRICE Starts at $60 per group up to 5 people




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