Native American story/history telling and painting experience



489 Pinelake Park Rd.
Pembroke, NC, 28372



With Karen Coronado

“My artistic pursuits have been a personal journey that started as long ago as I can remember as a young child drawing spirals and other logarithmic designs. As an adult, I began to look for the meaning or story in my work. This caused me to think about who I am and what is the purpose of my life. The act of creating Art has developed into spiritual events that take me through different kinds of exercises as I search for the meaning that each finished piece will reveal. At times, the creative process that consumes me feels like a force that I connect with. Even though I consider my style as a contemporary Native American Woman, I attempt to express ancient visions and spiritual meanings inspired from my understandings of my ancestors culture and spirituality. My heritage is a mix of southeastern coastal/woodland Native Americans now known as the 'Lumbee' and a mix of southwestern Native Americans. I continue to include the spiral motif and other geometric designs and infuse them into the images I create. This is accomplished by laying a ground-work of measurements employing the Golden Ratio which I call Sacred Geometry! I always strive to tell a story in my work.”


Karen offers a 2-hour experience in which she tells traditional stories and interesting facts of the Lumbee people.  In addition, she offers a hands on experience of painting on canvas, gourd or wood, drawing with pastels, making Gods Eyes, and Jingle Sticks. Her work includes paintings, wall hangings and other fabric work, jewelry, beadwork, woodwork, and writing. She does an assessment of what visitors prefer want and then she does a demonstration of painting on canvas, gourd or wood while.

PRICE Starts at $110.00