With Greg Whitt

Greg Whitt believes life is richer when we communicate, cooperate, and collaborate with one another and with the world around us. He's an award-winning facilitator and arts-educator teaching applied philosophy through music in corporations, congregations, communities, and classrooms.  Greg is founder of the Raleigh Drum Circle and hyper-active in the local arts community.  On the hunt for vintage hi-fi and midcentury modern design, he's hip to all the second-hand shops in town.  Greg is a graduate of NC State University and holds a graduate certificate in Transformative Leadership from the Maryland University of Integrative Health.  He has called Raleigh home since 1986.  You can find him online at www.drumforchange.com, in a hammock, or perhaps behind a brew of one sort of another in locally-owned establishments throughout the city.


Greg is a teaching artist and performer.  He’s a long-time member of Raleigh’s local arts scene. In this art walk Greg will share his favorite hubs in the Downtown Raleigh art community.  Guests could likely meet arts administrators, curators, and even the artists themselves in some of these spots.  Encountering live music is a good possibility along the way.   Stops might include local and world-class visual art in Raleigh’s Contemporary Art Museum (CAM), 311 Gallery, the Visual Art Exchange (VAE), Imurj, Mahler Fine Art, and Artspace.  The walk will be customized to fit the guests’ interests, the weather and any downtown events occurring that day.   CAM Raleigh on Martin Street is a great place to start this tour.


PRICE Starts at $90 for a group of five people