Sustainable Farming Workshop with Farmer Kerr



7792 Hornaday Trail
Liberty, NC 27298



With Diana and Tom Kerr

We are Diana and Tom Kerr, the owner/operators of Forest Moon Farms. We strive to provide the freshest, tastiest, all natural produce in the Triad / Triangle. We consider our growing practices "beyond organic"; we use absolutely no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. We employ all natural methods such as companion planting, crop rotation, and permaculture design to protect and encourage naturally healthy and nutritious vegetables.We believe that naturally grown vegetables are not only the best for you, they are also the best tasting. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our business. Conscious land stewardship and conservation are as vital as profits.  

Diana has an off-farm job working remotely for an environmental firm out of Virginia. Tom is a Navy veteran serving eight years on Active Duty as a Surface Warfare Officer. Our last duty station was in Washington, DC. Living in the city was a great experience but it made us realize how disconnected we had become from nature. We are both from small towns in Pennsylvania and wanted to get back to small town living. Moving back to rural America was the best decision for us.  Working the land has had a profound impact on our minds and bodies; we feel healthier and more at peace than any other time in our lives together. We wish to share these benefits with our guests. 


We have several workshops planned for the spring. The first is building and planting a herb box. Guests will be provided with building materials and instruction on how to construct the planter. Paint and brushes will be provided if the guests would like to decorate their herb box. We will also provide the soil and compost to fill the planters along with the seeds of several types of herbs. Instruction will be provided on how to care for the plants along with recipe cards on how to use the herbs in healthy meals. 

The second is how to convert a shipping pallet into a flower and herb trellis. Guests will be provided with the pallet and building materials along with instructions. Due to transportation considerations, the planters will not be planted on-site but guests will be provided with a variety of seeds and recommendations on what planting medium to use. Recipe cards will be given to guests on how to use the herbs provided in healthy at home meals. 

We will also offer a strawberry transplanting event. Guests will be taught how strawberries reproduce and on how to expand their own strawberry patch. Guests will be shown how to collect strawberry runners and transplant them to another location. Guests will be provided a small planter and soil and will be able to take home several strawberry runners of their own. (Unlike the two events events above which we can hosts multiple times a season, this event will only happen once a year. The first year we would like to limit the guests to no more than 10 people in order to not deplete or own strawberry expansion. In subsequent years, we will be able to host larger groups as our berry patch becomes more established.)  

PRICE Starts at $45.00