Hawkeye farms’ organic garden and medicinal garden



5700 Red Springs Road
Red Springs, North Carolina 28377



With Mr. Larry

Mr. Larry is a passionate and very involved member of the Hawkeye Native American Community.  He champions the community’s farming activities, and loves to share his life story while accompanying visitors through the farm.  He knows a lot about health properties of some of the natural medicines grown in the farm and he is a wealth of knowledge about his community’s history.


Visitors will be led through all of Hawkeye Farms facilities, starting at the greenhouse, and into the 2-acre organic garden.  Mr. Larry will emphasise the importance of doing organic farming, and will explain the various types of organic techniques used in the farm. He will guide visitors through the medicinal plants garden, where herbs with ancestral and modern medicinal uses are grown.  Seasonal farm products, and traditional crafts are often available at the farm.

PRICE Starts at $65.00