Hands-on sustainable farming experience


1805-1971 Old Milburnie Rd
Raleigh, NC 27604


With Daniel Dayton, Old Milburnie Farm

Daniel was born and raised in Raleigh. He was always interested in growing food from the land; he obtained a B.S. degree in sustainable agriculture and biology from Warren Wilson College, where he also worked in the school’s vegetable garden. After college, Daniel enlisted in Peace Corps, and served for over two years in Mali coaching women’s groups on composting, nutrient cycles and the use of local natural herbicides. Daniel explains that he always wanted to live in the countryside and grow food – he is now living in the Old Milburnie Farm, co-owned by his extended family. He is excited to be an example of how young people are increasingly involved in growing food for their communities.


Daniel is going to make you get your hands dirty! Depending on the season you will be propping beds, seeding, watering, plowing, weeding, and if you're lucky enough, harvesting delicious, organic, fresh produce. And don't think these are easy tasks! There is much to it and Daniel will be delighted to tell you all about it!

PRICE Starts at $40.00