With Crystal Willett, Chatham Rabbit Farm

Crystal Willett is an industrious rabbit farmer in Chatham County, NC. She loves caring for her small family farm, as well as raising rabbits for local restaurants and to show people interested in visiting her.  Crystal is excited to give you a glimpse into the life of North Carolinians that, like her, are committed to sustainable agriculture and to a rugged life in the rolling farm landscapes of North Carolina's Piedmont!


In this 2-hour experience in her family farm, Crystal will share her extensive experience in raising small livestock. You can learn more about incubating eggs and raising chicks and rabbits.  This is a great educational tour for those considering backyard chickens or rabbits. Crystal wants to share with you the hardships and the simple pleasures of farm life. Come to pet the rabbits and feed the chickens or turkeys, wander through her chicken coops, small barns and her land; or come to get advice on how to raise your own rabbits and/or chickens.

PRICE Starts at $50.00