Fishing, kayaking and camping retreat



2074 Highway 710
Maxton, North Carolina 28364



With Alvin Ray Lowry

Alvin Ray Lowry was born in May 1939 and was brought up in the Lumber River region where he is currently living. He finished his studies at University of North Carolina in Pembroke in biology and then worked for the U.S Food and Drug Administration and the U.S Department of Agriculture until retiring in 1994. He learned farming from his father descending from generation to generation while working by his side from childhood, after retirement he managed the family farm. His father used to grow soybeans, tobacco, corn and cotton however he continued his ancestral profession mainly raising cattle and fish. To date, his cousin helps to manage the cattle and sell them to the ‘feeder calves’ or auction sales at Charlotte.  His father died at the age of 94 which he attributes to his healthy lifestyle and physical activities in the farm and the sun.


Alvin has a nice healthy lake in his property with ample space next to the water to hangout and camp.  Visitors may bring their kayaks or canoes to paddle and fish around the lake.  Visitors can camp overnight and may keep, cook and eat any fish they catch.

PRICE Starts at $15.00