With Annelies Gentile

Annelies was born near New York City, of European parents. Her father was born of Italian immigrants, her mother, from The Netherlands. Her family history is rich in creativity, talent and introspection. Now she is a visionary and Process Artist herself. Annelies has lived in Raleigh since 1985 and has insights into what Raleigh was like “way-back when". She also has long-time relationships with a network of fellow Raleigh artists. To learn more about Annelies check out her coaching website www.conduitforchange.com and art website www.anneliesgentile.com


In this art tour of the Warehouse District of Downtown Raleigh, you'll be invited to reflect on how and why creativity leads to a rich and meaningful life. Annelies' tour style is similar to a walking TEDtalk as she'll cover a wide variety of interesting topics. Her established spot in the local art scene makes it feel like dropping in on old friends when the group moves goes from gallery to gallery and hears from the artists behind the work.

Price starts at $125 for 5 People