Farmer Tom’s chief farm hand



3175 Trotter Rd
Asheboro, NC 27205



With Tom and Janice Henslee, Back to Earth Farm, Asheboro, NC

Tom is a grass farmer/golf and resort attorney and Janice takes care of whatever needs taking care of on the farm. They moved to NC from Texas in 2013 to start Back to Earth Farm because they wanted to reconnect with the land and create a place where others could do the same. Tom and Janice believe that when people reconnect with nature they reconnect with their soul. They are passionate about producing the highest quality food, renewing the health of the land through regenerative farming practices, connecting communities with a healthy food source, and offering a place for people to learn, rest, rejuvenate, and have fun.

Tom loves showing people around the diverse and beautiful features of Back To Earth Farm; but in particular introducing people to their cows. Janice loves to create spaces for people to relax and be whole.

A decade ago Janice was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, so they left their corporate careers in Texas and started a our journey of learning everything they could about regaining and maintaining health: body, mind, spirit, and environment. Now, in their Back to Earth Farm, they offer healthful food and experiences, and events to visitors. They both enjoy wonderful health now and are excited to share their experience and their farm with others.


Experience getting back to the simple life and living in concert with nature. Reconnect with where food comes from and learn about regenerative farming practices and its impact on soil, animal, environmental, and human health. Get back to sustainable living and have hands-on experience being Tom’s chief farm hand. Participate and learn about his daily activities in the beautiful 110 acres of forested and pastured land of “Back to Earth Farm”.

You will be the chief farm hand for approximately 3 hours at “Back to Earth Farm” so put on your boots! Depending on your interests you might help move fences, cows, learn about how rotational grazing, renewing soil health, animal health, the environment and ultimately your own personal health. Come experience the simple life of farm living, depending on the season help with things like planting, cultivating, or harvesting produce from the garden, retrieving a warm freshly laid egg, learning about bees and their contribution to the whole system. You will also get a guided tour of the land, water, and forested areas.

PRICE Starts at $55.00