Chickadee Farms Down and Dirty Tour



980 McLemore road
Clayton, NC 27520



With Jennifer Sanford-Johnson

Jenn has always loved to dig in the dirt! A North Carolina native she fondly remembers growing tomatoes in the summers with her dad and weeding the garden in the spring her mom. She loved it all! There was something comforting and magical about digging in the dirt.

Jenn grew up just down the road from her farm, so in a way she is coming home. After receiving a B.S. in Photography from Appalachian State and working in Minnesota for a number of years she came back to North Carolina. Feeling the pull to work outdoors and give back in her life she attended Central Carolina Community College and got an Associate's Degree in Sustainable Agriculture. There she fell in love with farming.

She then worked at the Interfaith Food Shuttle Teaching Farm in Raleigh and helped start the Well Fed Community Garden, an urban farm focused on community and fresh produce for the Irregardless Cafe. After four years at Well Fed she felt the pull to start her own farming operation and grow on a bit more land. Chickadee Farms was born! The Johnston County farm operates on roughly an acre. Jenn grows organically raised produce for her CSA members and Farm to Fork restaurants in Raleigh with lots of love and compost! For Jenn one of the most rewarding parts of her farm is that she is growing food without pesticides or other chemicals for her community and family and doing so in a way that is beneficial to the environment too.

She now offers experiences at her farm because she believes we are all connected in this world, and food is a way that it's easy to see. Food grown with respect for the earth, living creatures and people is the epitome of our connection and she wants to share that with others, to spark wonder, new thoughts and ideas.


Help with the everyday flow of the farm as you are integrated into the daily work schedule for an hour. Work changes seasonally so anything can happen! Possibilities include weeding, harvesting, preparing beds to be planted, planting, etc.

PRICE Starts at $40.00