With Warren Brothers, Brothers Farm, La Grange, NC

Warren has been a farmer on Brothers Farm in La Grange, NC, all his life. He grew up farming tobacco and traditional crops, but about twelve years ago, he decided to make the switch to all-natural vegetables, herbs and flowers.  He was certified "organic" but quickly found out that he didn't like paperwork, so now he raises vegetables "all natural" and his customers know that he is mindful. He serves many area restaurants in Kinston, New Bern and Greenville, and also offers a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) package for folks who want to buy a bag of fresh produce each week. He offers his excess fresh produce to Mary's Kitchen, the soup kitchen in Kinston. He has been featured on the award-winning PBS show, "A Chef's Life" and is currently one of Chef Vivian Howard’s produce suppliers.


Warren loves to give farm tours, usually barefooted, as he is happiest when he is "rooted" to the land. He enjoys showing people all the stages of the vegetable, herb and flower seasons. You’re welcome to walk the four mile trail to the pines at the back of the 300 acre farm or take a boat ride on the pond in the canoe.

PRICE Starts at $15.00