Mudluscious Pottery Demonstrations

2993 Hamburg Road, Mars Hill, NC 28754


With Cindy Trisler

Rod Bowling and Cindy Trisler have known each other since they were 4 years old. For the past ten years, they have been reshaping an old farmstead, transforming their surroundings into an organic homesteader’s paradise. Cindy is a successful professional potter with many years of experience in both wheel-throwing and hand-building. Her pots are inspired by time in the garden and by the love of the mountains. Her work is mostly functional, designed and priced to be used and enjoyed. With many years’ experience teaching, including several years at Indiana University in ESL and a stint at Craggy Men’s Medium Security Prison in North Carolina, she is still excited about sharing what she knows.


This demonstration is designed to introduce the novice or interested observer to the tools, techniques, and processes of working with clay.  This visit also includes an exhibit of her pottery in the gallery. Cindy will discuss the inspiration for her work, the shapes and themes that influence her pottery, and the connection with food and drink to the vessel in which it is served.

PRICE Starts at $50 up to 5 people