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Scrambling around the Hardscrabble Hollow Farm

150 Rabbit Moffitt Rd.
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

With Farmers Anita and Larry

You could say Anita Saulmon and Larry McDermott are late bloomers. They started developing their 40-acre organic farm in Rutherford County in 2011 after retiring from a career in news. They have nurture the farm from a weedy patch of poor soil to multiple fields enriched by repeated planting of cover crops. The centerpiece of Hardscrabble Hollow Farm is a field of 400 blueberry bushes producing four varieties that are never sprayed. You can literally eat the berries as you pick them. 

Anita and Larry are committed to organic and sustainable practices. Among the soil-building crops they have planted since 2011 are Austrian peas, crimson clover, buckwheat, Daikon radish and sorghum sudangrass, most of which produce flowers attractive to their honeybees. Indeed, their apiary produces honey annually that is sold at local farmers markets and at their blueberry shed during the U-Pick season in June and July.


During the U-pick season in June and July, many people come to visit them for their famous blueberries. For those interested in spending a couple hours with them scrambling around the farm tending to daily tasks, they are offering these experience on a by-reservation basis through P1t. If you come early enough in the day, you can participate in their daily milking of Nubian dairy goats. The milk from their goats is used to make soap on the farm, some of which is embedded with luffa—also grown on their farm. If you just want to spend time with animals, they have a herd of goats, two quarter horses and one miniature horse, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys and guinea fowl. And always, Anita will proudly show you her blueberry bushes and will share with you how she and Larry structure and care for their farm in the most deliberate ways to produce healthy, tasty and fresh products and also care for the Earth and their community.


PRICE Starts at $60.00 for up to 4 people ($15/extra person)