NCM Gardening Demonstrations and Tours

2993 Hamburg Road, Mars Hill, NC 28754


With Rod Bowling

The arts and the land have long been important to Rod.  Growing up in a small town, but surrounded by farm families on both sides, his younger years were filled with cows, pigs, gardens and fields.  His educational and career path led him to other ventures, including over 20 years of arts management.  But then moved to Madison County, NC and for the past ten years with his wife, Cindy, they have been reshaping an old farmstead, transforming their surroundings into an organic homesteader’s paradise.  He remains active in the arts community by supporting Cindy in her work and serving on the board of directors for the Madison County Arts Council.  He also serves on the board of directors for Organic Growers School, a non-profit dedicated to organic farmer training.


Depending on the season and availability, activities will include a general homesteading introduction which includes a tour of the farm, upcycling bread, and fermentation demonstrations which guests can choose a focus of either kraut/pickled vegetables or winemaking. Session time will vary depending on the number in the group, but generally all sessions will last between one and two hours.  Farm tours and pottery demonstrations may be combined. Each session is priced separately.

PRICE Starts at $50 up to 5 people