Front porch conversation about life and music in Appalachia


493 Will Arrington Road
Marshall, North Carolina 28753


With Dwight Arrington

“My guitar is like me… it’s had a hard life.” Dwight Arrington grew up playing gospel music with his family and friends. He cherishes his father’s antique fiddle and remembers fondly how music brought happiness to an otherwise demanding life in the mountains. He continues life on his family farm, logging, repairing cars, and tending to a vegetable garden. Much like before, Dwight draws happiness and fulfillment from playing in a country music band – The Hard Luck Boys. 

In this intimate 2-hour visit, Dwight will receive guests in his front porch and talk about how music has always been a part of his life. He’ll relate memories as a young boy playing gospel music, and speak about the joys of being somewhat of a local star at popular local venues like The Depot. 


Dwight Arrington lives in his family’s homestead in the pastoral hills of the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. Dwight was the youngest of twelve siblings in a hard-working and musically inclined family. They farmed tobacco as a cash crop, and cultivated their fertile land to support all the family’s needs. As Dwight puts it, “We were always poor but never hungry.” The Arringtons spiced up their lives with music as they played gospel music for friends and family. Father played the fiddle, Mother the banjo, and Dwight, with a brother and a sister that accompanied them.

PRICE Starts at $50.00