With Scott Dean

Scott was born and raised in the coalfields of West Virginia and southwestern Virginia. His grandmother taught him the traditional mountain names and folklore of plants and flowers. He later earned a degree in biology from the University of North Carolina-Asheville with a focus on the flora and fauna of the southern Appalachians. When not leading natural history programs in the region, he enjoys gardening, hiking, backpacking, and playing various stringed, wind, and percussion instruments.


Learn how to identify native mountain flora using a non-technical keying system. You’ll study the characteristics of plant families, the basics of plant community ecology, and both the natural and cultural history of the flora of the Blue Ridge. The focus is on the seasonal wildflowers, but you will also work with trees and become familiar with more technical dichotomous keys as a means of identification. Scott has a biology degree from UNC-Asheville and grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, where he learned fascinating folklore and traditional mountain names of plants and flowers from his grandmother. So time spent with Scott is a delightful mix of his extensive botany knowledge and the folklore from his youth. The variety of pollinators, the strategies plants use to attract them, and the principle of verticality (which is fascinating) are a small set of examples of the knowledge Scott has to share. 

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