With Mary Lynn & Randy Mcgirt

Randy and Mary Lynn are new farmers. When they bought their farm in 2002 it was mostly all row cropped with tobacco, corn, soybeans, cotton, etc. They immediately began work to change the fields over to natural pastures and planted trees strategically in those areas. They still had a downtown business at that time but began farming full time in 2014. They continued to garden, added laying hens and April of that year brought the first Jersey milk cow to the farm. Now they have six Jersey cows, two heifer calves and five steers making great use of the pasture.

The McGirts also have vegetable gardens, a pecan orchard, chestnut trees, apple trees, figs, pears and blueberry bushes. The two of them work the farm themselves with no outside help. It is a labor of love and stewardship.


McGirt Farm is a farm reminiscent of bygone days of the small family farm when the family cow was the centerpiece of the farm economy. Randy and Mary Lynn will discuss all the ways that the milk cow is the most important part of the farm. On this tour you will have opportunity to meet the milk cows and see how they each know their names. You will see the two heifer calves Sally and Pearl and the steers. The laying hens will be glad to see you too. They put on quite a show scratching for worms and bugs if it isn't too hot out. When it is hot you will find them in the shade of the trees.

This will be a one and a half hour tour of the orchard and vegetable garden where you can see practices of dig and no dig gardening and learn how we use only nutrients produced on the farm in the garden. One of those ways just may surprise you!

Be sure to bring rugged shoes, no flip flops or sandals please. You will be walking around a working farm. If it is a very sunny day a hat to shield the sun is a good idea.

The address is 151 Garden Path north of Whiteville on Old Lumberton Rd. The farm is located about 9 miles north of Whiteville.

PRICE Starts at $50.00 for up to 4 people