Aliwa-Saponi Indian woodworking demonstration

1640 Richardson Rd.
Warrenton, NC 27589

With Johnny Ray Francis

Johnny Ray Francis is a member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe and has lived in Halifax and Warren County, North Carolina his whole life. He has been working since a very young age picking cucumbers, tomatoes, corn and tobacco on the farm. For most of his adult life, Johnny Ray worked various construction jobs such as woodworking, laying bricks, and landscaping.  He loves to share his love of artwork and woodworking with his family and friends. When he isn’t working in his workshop, Johnny Ray loves to spend time outside gardening and harvesting berries on his property to make his own traditional wine.


With his need to constantly be working with his hands and learning new skills, Jonny Ray enjoys making items that represent his heritage such as intricately carved walking sticks, tomahawks, pipes, bow and arrows, and soap stone sculptures. In this experience, Johnny Ray will provide a two hour woodworking demonstration in his home workshop.  He will show how he takes unfinished wood from the forest and turns it into various forms including walking sticks, arrows, tomahawks, and pipes.  The experience price includes a $20 off on any of Participants will be able to take home a small complimentary memento from their visit.

PRICE Starts at $45.00