With Jorge Alfonso Salcedo de Anda

Jorge is a happy, charismatic, and talkative community leader. He loves meeting new people and hosting them in his home. His specialty is telling jokes while introducing guests to different types of tequila. He also has a lot of general knowledge and is able to have conversations about a wide range of topics.  

Jorge is married to Maria Eduijes Pulido Vasquez (also an entrepreneur featured here) and they have five daughters. He is currently the president (community leader) of Ejido Playa Grande.

His hobbies include practicing outdoors survival strategies, roasting meat on the grill, horseback riding, and spending time at his ranch with family and guests.


Guests travel from Puerto Vallarta to Jorge’s ranch by car (2h ride); spend two days and one night. Activities include: walking in the woods as Jorge points out the different trees and medicinal plants; deer hunting; milking a cow; eating (chicken in mole, deer, dried meats, panela cheese, eggs, beans) and drinking (tea, tequila).

Special notes: Jorge only speaks Spanish

PRICE Starts aT $100 for 7 people max