Irregardless Cafe

Irregardless stands as a pioneer in the restaurant business for implementing concepts like ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ long before they became buzzwords. Since 1975, The Irregardless Café has been providing fresh-from-the-farm healthy and innovative meals, live musical entertainment nightly, and a strong sense of community.

Founded and operated by chef Arthur Gordon, the Irregardless Cafe opened as the community’s first vegetarian restaurant and evolved into a restaurant featuring a diverse menu of thoughtfully prepared fresh foods. From the beginning, the Cafe’s management was dedicated to innovative sustainability initiatives that promote healthy living and giving back to the community. One such initiative is the Well Fed Community Garden, an urban garden near the Cafe. Produce is grown organically, following sustainable agricultural practices, supplying beautiful food to the Irregardless Cafe and Catering businesses, the garden’s volunteers, and low resource members of the surrounding community.

If you love the food at Irregardless, and are an advocate for local fresh foods, Arthur and his team invite you to book one of the experiences below to better understand how he collaborates with local farmers to create healthy and delicious food for the community.