With Berta Simaj García

Berta Simaj Garcia is a native weaver of Santa Cruz La Laguna. Taught by her mother, she has been weaving textiles since she was a child.  She and her husband, Andres Cumes, and their two children, Joel and Juan Luis live in the upper part of this quaint lakeside community of Sta. Cruz La Laguna, which is accessible only by boat taxi from Panajachel. When she wakes in the morning she and her family have a panoramic view of the mountain-ringed Lake Atitlán, considered by many to be one of the most scenic in the world.  She is looking forward to sharing her lake view, her experiences and her weaving techniques with you. A short, inexpensive taxi-ride from the dock will deliver you to her modest home in a few minutes where you can see join her in an amazing and unique experience.


From her home’s perch above the incomparable Lake Atitlán with its volcanoes and colorful Kaqchikel Maya people, enjoy a truly unique experience by visiting Berta Simaq Garcia of Sta Cruz La Laguna, who will introduce you to traditional Maya weaving techniques and give you a brief history of her experiences as a Maya weaver. She will show you how she uses the backstrap loom to prepare and weave her textiles, and how she finishes them with embroidery. In addition, she will give a tour of her home and the temasacal, the traditional Maya sauna bath, located in her home, as well as a tour of the upper part of Sta. Cruz where these Kaqchikel Maya live.  Berta’s 1.5 hour tour is for 4 people, but if you bring more, then add $10 for each. A purchase of the tour also entitles you to a 10% discount on any textile item she has for sale.

PRICE Starts at $45.00