With Antonio Coche Mendoza and Angelina Quic Coche

Antonio Coche is one of the leaders of the art-naif movement among San Juan La laguna painters and head of a cooperative of young painters that he and his wife Angelina Quic have shepherded through its founding. Antonio is self-taught, but he also taught Angelina the basics of oil on canvas. Now she is as well-known for her own themes and styles as is her husband. Angelina was the first and is practically still the only woman painter around Lake Atitlán. Her “birds-eye” view paintings has been much copied, but hers are the original. The studio/gallery is a delight to behold and a wonderful to see the lake while you take in the artistry of their work. Antonio is the more adventurous, however, in his themes and styles and you will be amazed at the colors he weaves into them.


San Juan La Laguna is a lure for visitors not only because of the 50 or more murals that adorn the walls along the quaint streets of this town that is so friendly and open to outsiders, but also because of the many (40 and counting) weaving galleries, and its location on the shores of Lake Atitlán.There is even a new coffee shop serving espressos and cappuccinos. But, the town is thoroughly Maya they are anxious to greet you and tell you about all the other possibilities of things to do there: horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, coffee tour, fishing among others.  Antonio and Angelina will guide you through all the streets and the local and show you the town’s sights and introduce you to their neighbors and friends. The cost of the tour is per person and is for one hour. For an additional hour the tour can be purchased for $10.

PRICE Starts at $25.00