Guatemala City Airport Pickup and Tour to Panajachel

Guatemala City Airport

With Geovanni Grijalva

Geovanni Grijalva has been a taxi driver for many years in Panajachel.  He has spent several years in the United States and worked as a cook, as well as several other jobs. He speaks English well, has a lovely wife and two beautiful children, one of whom is starting college. His jovial personality and his easy way with people makes him a great person to talk to who can give you a really good understanding of what life in Lake Atitlan is like. He has been everywhere and knows everyone.


The best way to get to Panajachel, the gateway town to the Lake Atitlan area, is to be picked up at the airport.  The relaxing trip takes about three hours and the drive brings you along the Pan American highway where, once you leave the urban sprawl of Guatemala City, you will see mountains, farms, and Maya people.  You will drive through the communities of San Lucas, El Tejar, Chimaltenango, Tecpan, Los Encuentros and Solola, as well as numerous l Maya villages. Giovanni will describe what you are seeing and answer all the questions you have about Guatemala and the highlands. He will be happy to stop anywhere along the way to take pictures at beautiful mountain vistas or help you order coffee or a snack or even lunch.  There are many impressive roadside inns catering to the traveler and Geovanni will steer you to the best one and tell you how to order.  He will deliver you directly to your hotel or lodging.

PRICE Starts at $130.00