Footloom Weaving Tour and Demonstration

Santiago, Sololá Guatemala

With Rubén Reanda Mendoza

Ruben works a footloom that he made from scratch. His father also used a footloom and taught Ruben as a child how to weave. Today, Ruben is the head of the Santiago Bomberos, the volunteer firemen and rescue service for the municipality of Santiago. Although he is well known throughout town for his bombero work, he is most passionate about weaving. He makes cloth that his customers use for such items as women’s skirts, men’s shirts, aprons, table cloths, etc. He dyes the fibers himself to produce the intricate designs in the cloth that are taken from his community’s Tz’utujil Maya culture. Ruben would love to meet you and proudly show you what he can do with his footloom while talking to you about life and culture in his hometown.


Rubén Reanda Mendoza learned weaving from his father, but left it behind in his early years. Later, he re-discovered his enthusiasm for the foot-loom and designed and built his own foot-loom from recycled materials. His reputation for quality textiles has grown since then. In this tour he will to tell visitors his story and the story of his culture as it is represented in the textiles while he shows them how foot-loom weaving works. He will start with explaining how he gathers and dyes his threads and prepares them for the loom. He will show you how he makes his patterns for the textiles which reflect basic symbols from Tz’utujil Maya culture.  The tour lasts less than one hour and the price is for up to 4 people. For each additional person, the cost is $8. Ruben will also give you a discount on any textiles you would like him to make for you, including blouses, men’s shirts, and table cloths. The tour is conducted in Spanish.

PRICE Starts at $45.00