With Saqueo Ujpan and Maria Ujpan

This tour will explain the process of how coffee is produced – from how it starts as a small plant, grows into a larger tree and then how the fruit is picked and processed into the coffee that you see in your breakfast mug. Saqueo and Maria will take you through the entire process and describe how Sanjuaneros produce high quality organic, shade-grown coffee explaining the importance of shade, organic fertilizers, and different techniques that are used to maintain the quality. The tour is 1.5 hours long and includes a cup of coffee or espresso at the end, which ensures you get the true essence of the experience. Included in the tour —- an amazing view of the lake! You can also purchase coffee beans (ground or whole) to take home as a souvenir or gift.


Saqueo and Maria are pure “Juaneros” which means they are native Tz'utujil Maya from San Juan la Laguna on Lake Atitlan. Saqueo explains, “I learned about coffee from my father. He taught me to plant and cultivate coffee using only natural techniques – no machines or chemicals” and Saqueo was eager to continue the tradition. His father has worked with coffee his whole life and now is over 90 years old still living in San Juan la Laguna. Saqueo and Maria can teach you the whole process of making café, preparing it to sell, and teaching you about the rich quality of their coffee. Their coffee stand opened in 2014 just up from the dock where you arrive to San Juan on the lanchas (boats). Maria now is specializing in learning ways to sell quality coffee to tourists and master the art of being a “barista”. She’ll greet you with a smile and some good conversation while you sip top quality coffee with an amazing view of the lake (Lago de Atitlan).

PRICE Starts at $35.00