With Demetrio Mercún

Demetrio Mercún, 41 years old, is a boat captain with over 25 years of experience piloting boats around Lake Atitlán. His father is a fisherman, but at age 17 Demetrio attended the national naval school to learn his craft. Today he takes people on trips with one of his two outboard boats, called lanchas in the region to any destination around the 125 square kilometers of Lake Atitlán. There are over a dozen lakeside communities that dot the landscape of one of the most scenic lake vistas in the entire world. Visitors often want Demetrio to take them to visit Santiago Atitlán, the original site of the Tz’utujil Maya kingdom, or San Pedro La Laguna, home to one of the most vibrant tourist communities anywhere in Guatemala or San Juan la Laguna with its many murals throughout the town painted by some of the over 30 Maya artists. Demetrio will not only take you there, but also help you understand each town during tours that he leads.


Demetrio will take you on an incredible tour of Lake Atitlán area (125 sq. km. in size). The Maya reached the lake around 4000BC and have lived here ever since. A tour includes stops in one or more of the lake’s fascinating Maya towns. Demetrio will design the tour that you want with as many stops as you desire. A tour might include Santiago Atitlán, San Pedro La Laguna and San Juan La Laguna. Each have their unique history and characteristics. Santiago is the Tz’utujil Maya cultural center.  San Pedro is the vibrant, backpackers’ mecca of the lake. San Juan's welcoming streetscape is interesting because of the wall murals throughout the town powerfully depicting scenes from local Maya customs and life. This Maya artist and weaving community must not be missed.

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