Giving a new enriching experience is THE sure way to bring happiness to your loved ones.

Have you ever harvested produce in a farm and then sampled those ingredients in a fine-dining meal cooked by a celebrated chef?

P1t offers “first time experiences” that combine delectable meals prepared by celebrated farm-to-table chefs with hands-on visits with the charismatic small farmers that supply their kitchens with fresh, healthy, and delicious ingredients.  When redeeming a voucher, we work with you to schedule a special meal with participating farm-to-table chefs in North Carolina, preceded by a hands-on farm experience. In the farm visit you will do light farming activities alongside the passionate and skilled farmer. Then you will meet the chef in their restaurant, and experience how they honor the craft of “their farmers” by preparing food in ways that accentuate the natural flavors and textures of the fresh ingredients they receive from them.

P1t is offering these unique experiences with select celebrated chefs across North Carolina, including Raleigh, Kinston, Chapel Hill, Asheville, Asheboro, and Clayton.