Events in Wake County


Martin St. Art Walk

People-First Tourism invites you to meet local tour guide, Greg Whitt, teaching artist and performer. In this art walk Greg will share his favorite hubs in the Downtown Raleigh art community. Guests could likely meet arts administrators, curators, and even the artists themselves in some of these spots. Encountering live music is a good possibility along the way.

Farmer Mary Had A Farm

Farmer Mary owns Winterpast Farm - a sanctuary for neglected animals throughout Wake County. She has everything from goats to emus to three-legged pigs. For this experience, you’ll tour the farm and meet all of the rescued animals.

Wine Tasting & Behind the Scenes Vineyard Tour

Tour and experience Adams Vineyards and Winery which specializes in Muscadine wines, which is native to this region of North Carolina. In this four-hour workshop you will be introduced to the basics of winemaking. You can even pick your own grapes. The tour ends with tasting of Adams Vineyards award-winning wines.

Legen-Dairy Ninja Cow Farm

Learn the story of the famous ninja cow and tour the farm that Dan and his son, nicknamed Spork, operate. Purchase sustainable meat products from his store or fresh baked goods prepared by his two daughters.

Raleigh’s Best Coffee Shops

Gregg Whitt takes you on a 2-hour tour of his favorite downtown coffee shops (could it get any better?) where you may just find your new favorite drink. We implore all avid coffee drinkers to experience a sip of our city’s best brews by booking below.


First Friday Art Walk

Every First Friday of the month, get your art walk tickets right here! You’ll get a mix of art and history knowledge all woven together and presented like a TEDTalk when you book with Annelies Gentile. Tour the art scene in Raleigh’s Warehouse District straight from the artist herself.

Civil War Era Farm Tour

This tour is for the history buffs — we know you’re out there! Come tour Chickadee Farms and check out a family-run, sustainable farm with glimpses of the past. There are barns that date back from the Civil War and century old tunnels. Start exploring!