Upcycling Art and  Crafts Class

Calle Dos
Guácimo, Costa Rica

With CAllie Dos

This group of women from the small Costa Rican community of Iroquois, banded together with a desire to help improve their family's’ well-being. They have various years of real experience in art & craft making using recycled materials and traditional techniques.


Following a commitment toward sustainability, in this art class the women teach visitors how to create Costa Rican inspired crafts from up-cycled materials. Enjoyable for experienced artists and beginners alike. This class has something to offer everyone. Paint on wooden plaques or a multitude of other creations, all while improving your own skill set and empowering a better future for these women and their families. With this 2 hour experience you’ll have the opportunity to interact with local women of the Iroquois community who embrace Costa Rican values through the use of recyclable materials.

PRICE Starts at $15.00