Traditional preparation of Costa Rican foods

Mercedes, Costa Rica

With Viviana

Viviana, a community ambassador, is part of a group of women from the small Costa Rican community of Iroquois, banded together with a desire to help improve their family's’ well-being. Viviana, and the other women in the group have years of real experience in art & craft making using recycled materials and traditional techniques, as well as experience cooking delicious regional food for their families, the local school, and groups of visitors.


If you like Costa rican culture and food, you are going to love this hands-on experience with the women group cooking a traditional meal for your group.  You will learn food preparation, some traditional recipes, and time honored techniques to prepare traditional food.  The experience takes approximately 2 hours and culminated with an informal group meal consuming the fruits of your labor.

PRICE Starts at $15.00